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Bestz Top 5  PS3 Games Online Download

Best Top 5 PS3 Games

5. Portal 2

Portal 2 at 9jabestz

I know most of you guys must have played this PS3 game, and I don't know how you feel about the game...
BUT here today I'm ranking it among Best Top 5 PS3 Games

let's take a look at this below
The original Portal is a lean, mind-bending puzzler with a darkly comic thread running through it, wringing every last drop out of its mechanics in its brief, two-to-three hour runtime. Portal 2 takes those foundations and flawlessly builds on them, proving that bigger can actually mean better. It's got a far meatier story, expanding on the lore surrounding Aperture Science, its mysterious experiments, and the world beyond its walls without ever feeling tacked-on or unnecessary. The addition of various colors of goo adds new wrinkles to how you navigate the environments, often requiring you to use your surroundings along with your new-found mobility in surprising ways. It's also deeply funny, thanks to Stephen Merchant's portrayal of Wheatley, your bumbling muppet of a guide who finds himself suddenly drunk on power. Throw in some killer two-player co-op, and you have a recipe for one of the best sequels in gaming history.

4. Mass Effect 2

ohh boy!!!, I must confess I love this PS3 Game
Jacob Taylor really got me on here

Let's take a look at this:-

While Mass Effect 3 is technically more polished, there's something about this sequel that makes it the superior game. It's just got more magic. Everything in Mass Effect 2 is a delight to experience. It kicks off with a ballsy start, essentially killing off Shepard and ripping the Normandy to pieces. The remainder is about rebuilding and redemption, as you cobble together a loveable crew of misfits to tackle a heroic suicide mission. The overarching story provides the pace and structure, while the more personal stories onboard the Normandy (Mk2) pull you in different emotional directions. Do you side with Miranda or Jack? The Geth or the Quarians? Can you save your crew from the Collectors? Who, if anyone, will you sacrifice in the suicide mission? While many games give players choices, few offer the same level of involvement with the plot, thereby adding immense weight to the decisions you make. It all adds up to a wonderful, self-contained story, that truly conveys the highs and lows of being the hero. It's almost a secondary concern that the RPG / shooter gameplay is slick and pleasing to tinker with, or that the game looks amazing and offers incredible scale.

3. Gran Turismo 6

one of our favorite Racing Video Game you know most of the time we get tired of Playing Action and Adventure Games So we just Bump into RACING GAMES Most of the time we Play Games like Blur, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed: Most wanted many more like that

Now take a look at this

Gran turismo 6 image

Gran Turismo 6 is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is the sixth major release and twelfth game overall in the Gran Turismo video game series. It was released worldwide on December 6, 2013.

2. FarCry 3

NO!!! This is the game, FarCry 3 MY Second Choice on PS3 Games

far cry 3

There’s a wolverine biting my balls. Which I wasn’t expecting to happen but really need to do something about. Far Cry 3 is built on this sort of problem-solving. Brilliant, terrible, ‘what was I thinking?!’ or ‘how did this happen’ disaster management where the solution is usually shooting, explosions and often a great deal of regret - part slapstick, part exercising the right to bear arms, and part actual bears. Why did I throw a petrol bomb inside the house? What was I expecting the truck coming at me to do when I shot the driver’s face off? I’ve made 20 murderous cultists very, very angry, AMA. The initial impression is that this is more of the same - liberating bases in an open world crammed with chaos and random animal attacks. That’s by no means a bad thing. This is full of a spur of the moment combat as you adapt and invent tactics on the fly; always rewarding and fun, with a chaotic push and pull that can kill hours and finish up with you realizing you never even got near the thing you originally set out to do. It will eat your weekends and snack in the evenings.

1. The Last OF US

Everyone must confess... "The Last of us" is OUR best Game Wow "Third Person Shooter"

The last of us

The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Players control Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl, Ellie, across the post-apocalyptic United States. The Last of Us is played from a third-person perspective.
It feels fitting that the PS3's best game arrived towards the end of its life. Arguably a culmination of everything that AAA gaming grew to be over the course of the last generation, it's a masterpiece of affecting, mature storytelling and ingenious, gameplay-driven narrative; one that uses the graphical power of a fully-mastered console as much for emotional resonance as for visual impact. Dropping the player into a beautifully realized, nuanced, all-too-believable nightmare world, The Last of Us provides the tools to survive, but wisely never the means to launch a truly empowered fight back. Every encounter and achievement in the game matters, not because of prescribed spectacle or contrived, cartoon heroism, but because of the need for the player to bring their own instincts and wits to the table.
And that's just the start of how The Last of Us builds empathy during every step of its harrowing journey through the emotional wringer. It's a perfect game, from a first-party Sony developer at the peak of its ability (so far), and something that no owner of a PlayStation 3 has any right to miss. Truly, the full-stop at the end of the generation.


I'm GLAD YOU DID%%%%%%

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